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The Worm Ladies' Philosophy

How can we, both as individuals and as the world, better manage our garbage, save space in landfills, and lessen the agricultural and fertilizer runoff into our streams? One solution is to use red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) to eat that garbage, turning it into worm castings (worm poop). The end product is the “perfect” food for our gardens, lawns, and houseplants.

Our mission is to encourage everyone to take care of their own garbage. First, by producing less garbage; second by composting and recycling what each one of us does produce; third by using worms we quickly and easily return what some of what we have used to the earth.

When you have too many worms we will buy them back. Too many castings? We will buy those as well!

Join us! It’s fun and very rewarding.



Meet the Worm Ladies...


Nancy Warner

As an educator with a Masters in Education, Nancy started her career with a focus on art education and art therapy. Concentrating on fiber art, Nancy began raising angora rabbits. She shears, spins, weaves, and knits the angora into the final piece. In addition to exhibiting locally, Nancy's work has been shown in galleries in Maryland and Washington, DC.

The angora rabbits led her to worms! Rabbit manure was attracting flies; raising worms under the rabbit cages solved the fly problem as the worms consumed the manure. This solution, along with a love of gardening, has her surrounded by a sustainable environment.

Nancy has served on the Board of Directors of NADD, the National Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and mental health needs. She has also presented at numerous NADD sponsored conferences and has published media on dual diagnoses. She and her husband have raised an adopted child who has an intellectual disability as well as a mental illness. They also have three biological children.



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