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This year, make life easier for both yourself and others by giving the gift of a personalized Worm Ladies Gift Certificate. Certificates available at any denomination desired and good for a full year from date of purchase. Great gift for gardeners, horticulturalists and composters alike and no need to worry about feeding the worms under the tree!  Ordering information following the books.

                                                     WORMS BY THE POUND

                                                Approximately 1000 red wiggler worms.

                                               $28 per pound  Call for price if you want 10 pounds or more.

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Products: "NEW"  The worm inn


The Worm Inn comes with a free kit to help you build your own sturdy stand using PVC piping (for shipping.)  You will also need to buy three ten foot pieces of 3/4" PVC piping and cut them.

You would need to come to Charlestown to buy The Worm Inn with all of the stand complete.

The Worm Inn does not include worms.

The Worm Inn


The Worm Factory




































What Is a Red Wiggler? is a children's book introducing the use of red wiggler worms for composting food scraps and more. Megan shows how to set up a red wiggler worm bin and how to harvest the castings. Eric's photos and renderings of the inside of a worm show the importance of this very special worm. A journal is included for observations about the worms. The book is a current commentary on disposing of our food scraps, rather than them going to the landfill. The worm castings are the best soil enhancer a gardener can use, eliminating chemical fertilizer.






The Worm Factory 360

$139.95 (includes shipping)

without worms


The Worm Factory Standard

3 tray $79.95 (includes shipping)

without worms

4 tray $89.95 (includes shipping)

without worms

5 tray $99.95 (includes shipping

without worms

Number of Trays




 including worms

$54.95/$59.95 if worms are mailed

Bin includes the book, What Is a Red Wiggler?

Instructions on how to set up a bin and how to harvest the worms

Children's  gloves

Bedding for the worms

$54.95 (worms will be picked up)

pick up or mailing

Book:  What Is a Red Wiggler?  $12.95


  Container mixture of castings, perlite, and coir  $19.95



About coir

Directions for use

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$3.50 per brick





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Black gold: Castings

1 gallon bag

$20 ( three pounds )

5 gallon pail

$60 (for pickup only)


For larger amounts of castings, contact The Worm Ladies via email or phone.




Outdoor Compost Bin Package

Compost Bin, wire mesh for on the ground, peat moss, paper and dryer lint, 2 pounds of worms. 

For pick up only

The Hungry Bin  $395.00 includes bedding and two pounds of worms

for pick up only


Starter Kit 

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Starter Kit

A 15 quart bin that includes the bedding and half pound of worms.



 10 gallon bin

10 gallon bin - click photo for details


 18 gallon bin

18 gallon bin - click photo for details

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double 10 and 18 gallon bin

A 10 or 18 gallon double bin that includes the bedding.  It is double to drain excess liquid from the bin. The worms are not included. One pound of worms recommended for the blue bin, two pounds of worms recommended for the orange bin. Shipping costs are additional for these bins. Contact the Worm Ladies for the specific amount.

$35.00 for the 10 gallon bin

$45.00 for the 18 gallon bin


Double Bin

 ESTABLISHED BINS for pick up only

$95.00 for an established 10 gallon bin (complete set up with aged food and one pound of worms.)

 $125 for an established 18-20 gallon bin (complete set up with aged food and two pounds of worms)


established bins




                                18 gallon bin with drainage system


  The Worm Ladies Miracle Brew Tea Additives:  Humic acid, fish hydrolynate and kelp.



  1 or 2 lb. bag of deluxe castings  $12/$20

deluxe castings


Bag for castings $10.00


Miracle brew is a living liquid full of diverse beneficial soil microbes.  When sprayed onto your garden or lawn and then watered in, these microbes consume organic matter and minerals in the soil and turn them into humus, the only plant food in nature.  Miracle Brew is not a fertilizer—it’s the sustainable alternative that balances and accelerates the natural process that is already taking place in your soil.  It also helps conserve water by holding moisture in the soil and reducing evaporation


       Miracle Brew Kit, includes castings (one or two pounds), mesh bag for castings, molasses*, tea additives (humic acid and kelp, fish hydrolynate, pump, recipe and 5 gallon pail.  *sugars" are by choice


double or single batch, w/wout molasses



Worms Eat My Garbage

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Worms Eat My Garbage: How to setup & maintain a vermicomposting system

by Mary Appelhof

The definitive guide to vermicomposting: a process using redworms to recycle food waste into nutrient-rich food for plants. Newly revised and updated, this 162-page manual provides complete illustrated instructions on setting up and maintaining small-scale worm composting systems. Topics include different bins, what kind of worms to use, sex life of a worm, preparing worm beddings, how to meet the needs of the worms, what kinds of foods to feed the worms, harvesting worms, and making potting soil from the vermicompost produced. A 63-page bibliography, 24 annotated references, a glossary,and comprehensive index make this a valuable reference book as well as a practical manual.


Worms Eat Our Garbage

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Worms Eat Our Garbage: classroom activities for a Better Environment

by Mary Appelhof, Mary Frances Fenton, Barbara Loss Harris

This curriculum uses over 150 worm-related classroom or home activities to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in children grades 4-8. Activities integrate science, mathematics, language arts, biology, solid waste issues, ecology, and the environment.


The Earth Moved

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The Earth Moved

by Amy Stewart

This is a fascinating exploration of the underground world and one of its most amazing denizens. The earthworm may be small, spineless, and blind, but its role in the ecosystem is profound. It tills the soil, destroys microscopic organisms that cause plant disease, breaks down toxins, and turns the ground into rich compost, creating the most fertile areas on earth. In her witty and offbeat style, Amy Stewart shows just how much depends on the humble worm.

$12.95 Paperback


The Worm Cafe

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The Worm Cafe: Mid-scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes

by Binet Payne

A comprehensive how-to manual describing how a teacher and her students developed a system to compost lunchroom waste using worms and saved their school $6000 per year. Teachers, decision-makers, and activists in school, small businesses, and community groups will welcome this unique material.


Teaming With Microbes

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Teaming With Microbes

by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis


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Worm Ladies Gift Certificates

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gift certificate for 1 lb. bag of worms $27.00
gift certificate for starter kit $35.00
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